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About our burs

The DIAMODENT bur is a premium FG Gold-plated Diamond Bur individually subjected to a microscopic inspection in order to maintain the delivery of a high quality instrument.

• Perfect fit to your handpiece
• New electroplating technology
• Selected natural diamonds
• Gold-plating on stainless steel blanks
• High precision for long life
• Available in a wide range of shapes & sizes for operative crown & bridge procedures
• Manufactured to meet stringent ISO International standards with strict quality control, by microscopic monitoring of each instrument
• High precision for longer life
• Tissue Friendly: selected natural diamonds, electro-bonded to concentric high-quality stainless steel shanks, gold-plated by an advanced technique


Disinfect and sterilize the diamond burs before every use.

Cleaning: Place the Diamodent burs in a disinfectant solution (for use with dental burs) that contains a corrosion inhibitor for a minimum of 10 minutes. Clean thoroughly with a brush. Remove all the disinfecting solution by rinsing thoroughly several times.

Ultrasound Cleaning: Place the Diamodent burs in bur holders into the ultrasound for a 5 minute cycle using a general purpose cleaner. Rinse thoroughly several times.

Sterilizing Diamodent burs – autoclave: Autoclave the Diamodent burs in sterilization bags for a minimum of 20 minutes at a temperature of 132ºC and a pressure of 20 PSI (138 KPA), or follow the autoclave manufacturer’s guidelines.

Following these sterilizing and cleaning methods, the burs should be dried and stored in a clean and dry place.

Download a printable PDF of our Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions